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If you wish to exchange reciprocal links with we offer do it yourself link forums on the Forums.   Go to:   Look down to the lower section of the forums for the LINKS categories.   There are numerous categories including outfitters, professional hunters and guides, gun makers, ammo suppliers and makers, accessories, plus many useful categories such as travel advice and news sites.   Commercial as well as hobby sites can be freely added but please only one category per site. If you wish to purchase a sponsorship package additional categories can be utilised as well as many more beneficial advantages. The LINKS forums are moderated so they will need to be approved before becoming public.    

Hunting & Shooting Organisations
  • Safari Club International
  • Professional Hunters Assoc of South Africa
  • South African Gun Owners Assoc
  • Zimbabwe Professional Hunters
    Australian & New Zealand
Big Bore sites
Outfitters, Professional Hunters, Hunting Guides, Consultanst



Hunting & Shooting Magazines
African Magazines Australian Magazines American Magazines

Hunting & Shooting Forums

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Photo Hunting Forums

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